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EXPERIMENT Distinguishing Between conductors and insulators

EXPERIMENT Distinguishing Between conductors and insulators

Materials required:
1. Plate or bowl
2. Cable
3. Battery
4. Board to support the lamp and battery
5. Fluorescent lamp
6. wood
7. Ruler
8. Water
9. Pencil

Prove object which represents conductors and which isolalor by doing the following experiment. Verify that the bulb lights up when you attach two ends of wire. Then put the two ends separately on the disk. Use various types of objects and materials to fill the gap that separates the two ends of the wire. You can test various types of wood & metal by putting them in the circuit. Objects that can light a lamp is a conductor. Objects that can not turn on the lights are insulators. Try to insert the wire into the water to prove that: water is a good conductor.

Conductors and insulators
Electricity can flow through certain objects is very easy to view. These objects is called the conductor. Metals are good electrical conductors. However, electricity can not flow through other materials such as wood and plastic. The materials can not pass this power called isolalor. Conductors and isolalor used for different purposes.

All metals can conduct electricity. The best metal conductor is silver used in the circuit in a computer. The main source of electricity delivered through copper wires. Water is a weak conductor of electricity but do not touch-alal electrical appliance with wet hands because you may get a surprise / shock that dangerous. The best conductor is called "superconducting" and can conduct electricity at very low temperatures.

This material is only now being developed but may be affected big on life in the future.

Isolator is used to prevent electric current does not flow into unwanted places. You have seen how the air acts as an insulator on the switch. The wires on household appliances was isolated with a layer of plastic. Plug and socket is usually made of plastic or rubber so that you can hold it safely.

Ceramic materials is also a good insulator. Ceramics are not flexible like plastic but are very resistant to high temperatures. Ceramics are used in car engines and to coat the electric stove (the ring / circle) so you can cook without taxable stun / shock.

Resist FLOW

Resist FLOW
Copper is a good conductor. Copper could hardly hold back the flow altogether. But the thin wire agencies skipped fewer flows rather than a thick copper wire. And the longer the wire, the more flows are detained. Coil wire or pieces of a weak conductor can be mounted on the circuit to reduce the flow.

Thick wire electrical current can flow much more than a thin wire. Almost like the wide streets that can pass more cars than the more narrow roads. Then a thin wire in a circuit withstand currents and subtracting. Wire which also entails the same length, ie reducing the amount of current through it. The following diagram compares the prisoners on a circuit with resistance at the vent bicycle pump. To remove air through the pump is closed you have to pump harder. One way to keep the bulb lit with the light on the chain "that prevented" is to use an additional battery.



Try this experiment to see the relationship between the motor and generator. You need two small electric motors from toy cars for children: Connect one motor with a battery, the motor will rotate. Turn off the first motor bike while you connect it to the second. This must be connected with a light bulb. If you turn on the switch, the first motor will make a second motor works like a dynamo. Currents generated by dynamo lit a lamp.

You've seen how electric currents can produce movement and how the electric motor also produces an electric current from the motion. Source of national electricity generated or "raised" by rotating the magnets at high speed inside the coil of wire.

The diagram below shows how the spinning motion of a windmill can be turned into electricity to power a alampu bol. "Generator" or dynamo like the reverse of the motor. As the windmill rotates, the mill is making a wire coil rotates between the two magnets. Electric current generated and used to light bulbs. Dinamo like this can be used to power bicycle lights. In this case the coil is driven by the wheels when turning. The main power source in your house was raised in a power station in the same way of working. However, the powerhouse magnetlah that rotates in the coil of wire. Moving the magnet in this way can generate a number of very large currents.

Listiik power generating electricity with large scale for homes and industries. Giant turbines rotate the magnets in the wire coil to generate electrical current. A turbine is like a series of big wheels or fan. Turbine can be rotated by steam or water. Steam to drive turbines can be produced using coal or oil to boil water. Or it could be the driving energy comes from nuclear reactions. Once electricity has been generated electricity must be transmitted to the entire city where electricity is needed. The following diagram shows how the turbine is designed to be

Electric current is transferred from power plants with large cables. Most of these cables are buried below ground and partially mounted high above the ground with a metal structure that towers to support it. System towers and wires connecting all power plants in a country in one vast network of networks called lisirik. Diagram showing how electricity came to your city from the electricity network. Electric power cables brought this cable is very large. Thus, before the current can be used safely in your home, this power should be reduced or the "transformasika" helper station / substation. Electricity network allows power to be transferred from one other area of the area for residential purposes. If the local power station in no way, electrical current from another power station is channeled through wires in the electrical network. This allows the permanent availability of electricity in areas with damaged power plant. In this way cut off of power lines can often be avoided.


The diagram below shows the circuit in an electric bell. If the bell is pressed into a magnet electric iron and a hammer so that pulling the hammer hitting the bell. However, if the circuit is disconnected, the iron loss of magnetic power and bat pulled back again. Once the bats have returned a complete range / whole again and the process repeats.

Can you think of other tools that use electric magnets to generate a sound? Telephone use electric magnets to make a thin disc which is called the diaphragm can vibrate.



Two-way switches can be very useful. These switches allow you to turn on or turn off the lights from two different places. You can see how these switches work by making this simple model. There is a backup circuit that is placed on the model so that you dapal turn off or turn on the lights with one switch. The distance between the two switches are usually much longer than your model. Two-way switch is important for safety may be installed at the top or bottom of stairs or at the second corner of the corridor.


One battery may be used to power more than one light bulb. One may also lit the lamp with lebin than one battery. If there are multiple sections in a series of parts that can be assembled in several ways. Settings / how to string up the ball and battery on a circuit affects the brightness of the light bulb and battery life. There are two ways of assembling the parts series or parallel. Selection of the series depends on its usage.

An easy way to assemble two light bulbs on one circuit is a series circuit. This unity means that current flows first and then the light bulb next to a light bulb. If the light bulb light bulbs are in series each get the same current. The more light bulbs associated with the series circuit increasingly dim the lights a flame ball (the less bright).

However, if the light bulb light bulbs are arranged parallel to its flame remains lit even if you add another bulb. If there is one ball break in the circuit of the whole series of disconnected sen so that all light bulbs to death. However, in a parallel circuit if one ball off the current can still flow through the balls of other lights still on.

This diagram shows two ways to compile a series of two light bulbs lit unluk. In the series circuit of light bulbs less flames than in the parallel circuit. However, the battery in the parallel circuit will be more able to run out the load / remove the charge because it flows more. A light bulb is lit with two batteries in series will be much brighter than the flames that lit the lamp with a single battery. Adding a battery that is arranged in parallel will make the battery last longer. You can sort the circuit itself.

Suppose that the lights on this tree were prepared series. What would happen if you disconnect one bulb it? Do you know what the reason? Does the same thing will happen if the bulb were prepared in parallel?